Wine collections

Over 110 years of life make the Bodega Luigi Bosca company insignia Mendoza and its most genuine products. So after more than a century making wine, we decided to honor our land and its people developed our line of olive oils, which are baptized Essencia Luigi Bosca.

Product of 54 hectares of cultivated olive groves more than 50 years in the El Paraiso in Maipu, born three styles: Fruttato Soft, Medium and Fruttato Fruttato Intense, made from different varieties and combinations.

"The people of the Mediterranean left behind the babarie when they learned to cultivate the olive and the vine."

The name pays tribute to regional line that gives it its unique characteristics to the three blends that compose it. For its part, the Fruttato concept summarizes the idea of ​​relating the intensity of the fruit with the cut of each oil to result in a different expression of aromas and flavors that are visually reflected in the color of each label. While the three products contain a small percentage of native Arauco variety-the only of our country, which originated from two foreign- varieties, each of the oils has a different personality and was intended for different situations and dining consumption. With different blends of the collection. Essencia is possible from dipping a piece of bread and just enjoy it in its pure state to use for baking a perfume raw material or a dessert. Ie three cuts were designed to Essencia through all the steps of a meal: from the kitchen to the table talk.