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Luigi Bosca · Rosé

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Pinot Gris, Syrah

Luigi Bosca Rosé has an enticing salmon pink color with an expressive floral and fruity nose, filled with red fruit like sweet cherries and black cherries, that show up on the mouth supporting these elegant flavors. Well-balanced, crisp acidity, medium-bodied with a delicate rounded texture. The finish is sweet and fresh, with flavors of cherry candies that last on the palate.

Highly complex
Intensively aged in oak casks
Intense tannins
Full body

Fresh plums


Fresh herbs

Vineyards Produced with grapes grown in estate vineyards, located in Luján de Cuyo and Maipú, Mendoza.
Altitude 780 meters.
Age of the vineyards 10 years.
Variety Pinot Gris and Syrah.
Agronomists Engineer Alberto Arizu Sr. / Engineer Juan Sola.
Winemakers Pablo Cúneo / Vicente Garzia.
Ageing potential 4 years.
Recommended wine serving temperature Between 10°C and 14°C.

Recommended pairings

A perfect wine to drink alone or to be paired with fish dishes, such as cod, sea bass, trout, ling; or with scallops, oysters, clams or mussels. It also combines nicely with white meats, like chicken and turkey; and with strong cheeses, such as Gruyere o Grana Padano. Try it with dishes garnished with thyme, white pepper, saffron, ginger, cinnamon, and clove; and fresh vegetables, including shallot, garlic, cucumber, onion and celery


These two varieties are hand harvested in 18-kilogram boxes, at the right ripeness stage and during the early hours of the morning. A double selection, first the clusters and, after destemming, the best grapes are taken from the clusters. Then, the berries go to a pneumatic press, where they are crushed in two different ways, depending on the variety: the Pinot Gris, or grauburgunder, undergoes between six and eight hours of crushing, while the Syrah is left three hours. After that, the berries are gently pressed. The resulting must is statically decanted at 7°C during 48 hours. Then it is carefully racked and fermented for 15 days, at 14°-16°C, with selected yeasts. It is stabilized and lightly filtered to be subsequently bottled.

Ageing in barrels

It is not aged in barrels.

Technical data

Alcohol: 12.80° PH: 3.40 Total acidity: 5.47 g/l Residual sugar: 1.40 g/l