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Luigi Bosca · Riesling . Las Compuertas

Luigi Bosca · Riesling . Las Compuertas is a pioneer among Argentine varietals, it is a bright yellow wine with golden shades, balanced and expressive aromas and tropical fruit, floral and herbal notes. It is well-bodied, lively and refreshing in the mouth. In the palate it is clean and complex, tense, with a ripe character. It is a white wine of unique typicity and personality.

Highly complex
Intensively aged in oak casks
Very dry
Intense tannins
Full body

Tropical fruit

White Flowers

Fresh herbs


Vineyards Finca Los Nobles, Las Compuertas (IG Luján de Cuyo sub-appellation), Mendoza.
Altitude 1,050 meters.
Age of the vineyards 60 years.
Variety Riesling 100%.
Agronomists Engineer Alberto Arizu Sr. / Engineer Juan Sola.
Winemakers Pablo Cúneo
Ageing potential 6 years.
Recommended wine serving temperature Between 8°C and 11°C.

Recommended pairings

Ideal to enjoy with dishes based on fish, such as trout with carrot purée and thyme, or white salmon with steamed vegetables.


Continental climate, with a wide range of temperature between day and night, and well-defined seasons which contribute to a good growth of the vines. The altitude and its microclimate are ideal for the grapes since they provide a unique character. Many hours of good sunlight.

Soil and vine

The soil has a sandy-loam structure, with boulder of varying size in depth. There are bigger stones below the 60 centimeters. No chemical herbicides are used at the vineyard, and biodynamic practices are used for its care and treatment.


The grapes are handpicked in boxes from 18 to 20 kilograms, clusters are selected and then destemmed. The grapes are softly pressed in a pneumatic press. Half of the grape is macerated in press for 8 hours at 10 °C, whereas the other half is directly pressed. A cold budbreak process is conducted in the grape juice for 36 hours. Then, it is racked to begin fermentating with selected yeasts in stainless steel tanks at a temperature of 14 °C. After fermentation, the wine is kept in contact with the lees for approximately 60 days (malolatic fermentation doesn’t occur). It is later stabilized, filtered and bottled. It is stowed for at least 2 months in cold before being released to the market.

Ageing in barrels

The wine is not aged in oak barrels.

Comments by the winemaker

The weather conditions that influenced ripeness in the 2018 harvest were ideal. The wide thermal amplitude with sunny days and cold nights determined the great aromatic concentration and freshness in grapes. At the same time, their health was perfect due to the lack of humidity. All this, coupled with a naturally low production as a result of a spring frost, resulted in a highly expressive Riesling with floral, citric and mineral notes of great character and typicity. The minerality, the fresh tension and oiliness take precedence in the mouth.

Technical data

Alcohol: 13.00° | PH: 3.13 | Total acidity: 6.60 g/l | Residual sugar: 2.00 g/l