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Martín Rebaudino: Talent and sophistication

El chef y propietario de Roux seduce con su cocina de mercado, productos de estación y una experiencia gourmet de sabores mediterráneos.

Little remains to be said about Rebaudino, one of the youngest and well-respected talents of the Argentine cuisine. After leading one of the country’s most important restaurants for 18 years, Oviedo, he now offers a sophisticated, young and contemporary gastronomy in Roux, his recent creation, with an interesting selection of wines. His gastronomic proposal located in the heart of Recoleta neighborhood is distinguished by its sobriety, elegance and seasonal menus.

-What is Roux?
Roux is a small French-style bistro managed by its owner. I wanted to do something different from what I have been doing for such a long time and, therefore, I had to self-invent and change my way of thinking at the moment of conceiving and creating each dish.

-What’s your proposal with regard to the kind of cuisine?
It is very superior; haute cuisine in its highest expression made using the best seasonal products. It is an interesting fusion of all the trips I have made and all the restaurants I have worked in.

- What inspires you to keep on cooking and creating dishes in the kitchen?
It is what I am passionate about; I want to be involved in the kitchen as I have always done. My clients inspire me when I see them smiling, besides my family, Josefina, Amparo and Consuelo, who are always supportive and by my side.

-What is haute cuisine in Argentina?
The Argentine gastronomy has been booming for many years; we still have a long way to go but we are doing great. There have been excellent chefs for a long time in much of the country, really committed to improving our cuisine and taking it to the top level through the use of seasonal, fresh and quality products. We are really eager to outdo ourselves and aim higher.

- Why is a glass of wine important in a dish of yours?
Wine is capable of further enhancing a culinary experience. My menus usually start with a sparkling or fresh white wine, followed by a light red (preferably a Pinot Noir), then a more intense red glass, finishing with a late harvest wine.
I tend to recommend wines according to the client’s preferences, age, season of the year and type of dish chosen.

-What do you think of Bodega Luigi Bosca’s wines?
Luigi Bosca’s wines are among the best of the market. They come from a large family of vintners who really know what they do and gradually adjust to the modern needs as the years go by. Luigi Bosca Rosé is great, and I also love Luigi Bosca Icono 2007.

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