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El famoso cocinero uruguayo radicado desde hace años en Paraguay, chef de Tierra Colorada, elegido recientemente entre los Latin America’s 50 Best Restaurants, cocinó en Buenos Aires en el marco del Ciclo Fusión Latina organizado por la Bodega Luigi Bosca.The famous Uruguayan cook that has lived in Paraguay for several years, chef of Tierra Colorada, recently chosen among the Latin America’s 50 Best Restaurants, cooked in Buenos Aires in the framework of the Latin Fusion Cycle organized by Bodega Luigi Bosca.

Rodolfo Angenscheidt is the owner and chef of the most important restaurant in Paraguay, and one of the most renowned in the region. In fact, Tierra Colorada was recognized as one of Latin America’s 50 Best Restaurants in 2016.
Rodolfo cooked in several restaurants in Europe and Argentina, had his own TV show for seven consecutive years and, from 2010, has focused on his own restaurant’s kitchen, putting emphasis on Paraguayan gastronomy dishes, where he offers a simple cuisine, basing his dishes on the best products of Asunción and surroundings.
During his visit in our country (he was cooking in Buenos Aires together with Martín Molteni and in Mendoza with Pablo del Río), he told us about his cuisine and restaurant, the most important one in Asunción.

What is Tierra Colorada and what was your intention with this restaurant?
Tierra Colorada was a long-time dream that I was able to materialize in 2010, when I was 41. In my restaurant, I try to prepare a Paraguayan cuisine that is both classic and traditional, although with some lighter preparations than the recipes from several years ago.
What products do you use in your dishes?
Our main friends are cassava flour, fresh cornmeal and other vegetables available in Asunción and its surroundings. At the same time, the surubí, the pacú and the mandi’i are the freshwater fishes that we use the most, but also our Chaco meats have improved a lot during the last fifteen years. Our intention is to prepare simple and honest cuisine, with attentive and nice service.
What can you tell us about Paraguayan cuisine?
In Paraguay we have a lot of influence from different parts, both from indigenous populations and from immigrants, in addition to the influence left from the big wars. Some of the most consumed dishes in Paraguay originated from the Guarani cuisine and the cuisine from other tribes such as the Payaguaes or the Tobas.
What inspires you to keep cooking and creating in the kitchen?
I am still eager to work. Even though now, at my 50s, I do not have the same strength or energy as I did when I was 30, I do have more experience and I have gotten stricter than I was at that age.
What does it mean that Tierra Colorada was elected one of Latin America’s 50 Best Restaurants?
For me and the whole team being part of the list was a great surprise and joy. It is an acknowledgment for working not only with cassava flour and something else, but also with products from the oceans, the Andes, the mountains, etc. We never worked for an award, but it was very well-received.
What is the importance of a glass of wine in a dish of yours?
Not only for my dishes, but also for dishes in general, wine is the perfect companion if you know how to combine the style or the vine with the dish you are going to have. Some people even chose the wine first and then the meal.
What do you think about Luigi Bosca’s wine? What is its reception among your restaurant’s dinner guests?
For me, Bodega Luigi Bosca is an emblem, a trust mark, a product made with sensitivity. I had its wines in Tierra Colorada from the opening, and from the 400 labels that we have in the cellar, Bodega Luigi Bosca’s are among the most sold ones. These are wines that my waiters can blindly recommend, without any fear.

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